Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Unlocked Full Version) v2.0.1

Updated 04:08 - 09/08/2022
Package Nexomon: Extinction
Version 2.0.1
Size 90M
Features Unlocked Full Version
Require Android 8.0

You are a “big fan” of the Pokemon game, but you want to experience a brighter and more colorful new space. No problem, Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK will help you satisfy all of the above factors.

Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Unlocked Full Version)

About Nexomon: Extinction

As mentioned, Nexomon: Extinction is an Role Playing game quite similar to the legendary Pokemon game, developed from the original Nexomon game. This game has a similar gameplay to Pokemon, and the main task of gamers is to collect and train a system of powerful monsters in their collection. However, unlike Pokemon of the previous decades, Nexomon: Extinction will bring a fantasy and colorful world with countless types of monsters, making you unable to take your eyes off this game.

Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Unlocked Full Version)

Similar to Pokemon, the monster system in Nexomon: Extinction is collectively known as: Nexomon. In the game, you can notice that the number of monsters is extremely diverse with more than 380 different Nexomon. Monsters in the game can be easily identified through their size, color, special moves and extremely unique personality. Your task is to tame and train these monsters, and make them an effective assistant on the way to becoming one of the talented Nexomon trainers.

The plot

Nexomon: Extinction is set in the future Earth, when the earth is on the verge of destruction by natural disasters and death. Behind this event is the villain: the tyrant Nexomon. The Tyrant’s purpose is to destroy humanity as well as completely control the power of the Nexomon species. To fight this conspiracy, you will have to team up with a group of tamers to save the World from the approaching apocalypse. And the adventure to find strength through the quest to conquer the army of Nexomon beasts begins. With your cunning and ingenuity, you will gradually have for yourself the strongest Nexomon in the World. If compared to the original time, the Nexomon in your hand will be even more powerful, because you are the one who can exploit them and combine the special skills of each Nexomon in the most effective way. Friends and legions of invincible Nexomon beasts will be your companions, and help you overcome difficulties and repel Evil.

Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Unlocked Full Version)

Diverse monster system

Perhaps Nexomon: Extinction becomes a much more attractive adventure game than Pokemon, because the gameplay is somewhat more attractive with a diverse monster system. In the game, the powers of the Nexomon will be divided into 9 types based on the 9 existing elements. Each element will have a completely separate attack and defense.

Due to the wide variety of characters, according to our advice, you should spend 15 to 20 minutes thoroughly learning all the monsters in the game, thereby planning a clear strategy before starting the adventure. You can absolutely watch a few video tutorials on youtube, learn the tricks (tips) that previous players have instructed.

Besides, each Nexomon in the game has its own strengths and weaknesses, belonging to one of the nine elements mentioned above. Your job is to find out the true strength of the monster in possession, then find a way to eliminate their weaknesses before Nexomon falls on the battlefield because of these points.

Start the adventure

Starting the game, you will choose a character for the journey to save the world, who will become a true Tamer in the not too distant future. And really, you don’t need to be too hesitant when choosing a character. Because the characters in the game all have one thing in common, that is, coming from orphanages with a kind heart and courage. Your adventure will begin when you encounter the first Nexomon on the journey to protect the Earth.

Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Unlocked Full Version)

Besides, the success rate of taming Nexomons will depend on the level and difficulty of each monster. In addition to the character’s own skills, you can use the Nexotrap kit to “catch” these stubborn monsters. Or more simply, you can completely entice Nexomon by tempting them with food, or through “confiding” all night and all morning. Either way, once the Nexomon comes back to you, they will still retain the characteristics of the species.


After you have a powerful Nexomon army in your hands, you are completely ready to destroy any obstacle on the way to saving the World. Nexomon: Extinction is a turn-based strategy game, and players will be allowed to bring up to 6 Nexomon in a match. The battlefields in the game are quite diverse, from arid deserts to icy polar regions. With each type of battlefield, you will need to choose for yourself Nexomon with appropriate strength.

The MOD APK version of Nexomon: Extinction

MOD feature

When using the MOD version of Nexomon: Extinction, you will have the ability to unlock all the characters as well as the Nexomon monster system in the game.

How to install Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK

  1. Download Nexomon: Extinction from Google Play.
  2. Once the installation starts (running 1% or more), cancel it.
  3. Install the MOD version.

Download Nexomon: Extinction APK & MOD game for Android

With features and gameplay similar to the legendary Pokemon game, Nexomon: Extinction will surely be the right “heir” in the hearts of the gaming community that loves adventure and strategy genres. If you love Nexomon: Extinction, you can download the game HERE. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid!

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