Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike MOD APK 5.1.20 (Free Shopping)

Updated 01:07 - 01/07/2023
Package com.gsgames.pixel.combat
Version 5.1.20
Publisher GS Games Studio
Size 346M
Features Free Shopping
Require Android 5.0

Currently, shooting games are trending strongly in the online game market. Among them, you definitely can’t miss a wonderful game that is a combination of zombie substitutes. That is Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike – a shooting game to kill zombies that are gradually gaining popularity nowadays. Many novelties combined with adventure elements in the great zombie wars have made the brand of this game. If you are still wondering, follow the detailed article below.

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike

About Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike

This is a game built in the first-person perspective of the player, and you will have to experience the feeling of being attacked by zombies. The game is set in a rather narrow space, with a house surrounded by zombies that are trying to attack you.

The game is launched by the famous publisher Games Studio, which is an element that helps it get closer to players. In this game, you are not a player like in farm games or role-playing games, but you will only need to protect the safety of your house.

Players will fight and resist these uninvited guests on their own. In addition, you will also have the equipment of the system with many unique features designed specifically.

Style play

The main rule of the game that you have to do is to defend and protect the house against this formidable attack. These zombies have an extremely large number, you will feel that the more you kill them, the more they will increase. Although they are just undead, they will have extremely strong attack abilities. Therefore, you absolutely do not underestimate them, because there are zombies that can tear you into hundreds of pieces in a split second.

But do not be too afraid, because the system will have weapons such as guns or cold steel to support you. To attack these zombies, you must have good skills, and you are not afraid of their power. The ultimate goal in the game is to maintain your life as long as possible and kill as many zombies as possible.

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike is considered to have a fairly simple gameplay and is not too difficult for new players, so it is suitable for many objects. Therefore, this game platform receives many positive feedbacks from users around the world.

It the most thrilling shooting game of all time

When ordinary shooting games have made you too bored with boring gameplay, why don’t you try Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike. Also a shooting game, but the goal of this game is built to be half-dead bodies in large swarms.

This game requires you to be extremely focused when aiming. Therefore, make good use of your ability to aim and space in the house. With a diverse arsenal of guns such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, aka guns… you will be able to use the guns you like.

Besides resisting the onslaught of zombies, you’ll also find secret rooms around the house. These rooms are guarded by large zombies, but they will store great gifts. In particular, in addition to the upgraded auxiliary features, you can find great gifts that are modern and expensive guns.

You will experience the ability to shoot guns from the first-person perspective, limited to the space of the house with many nooks and crannies. The game will bring the feeling of using a gun in a realistic way, with the same features as the guns in reality.

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike

Awesome sound and graphics

This is a plus point that makes the game more warmly received by users. Game publisher GS focuses on the story but also invests heavily in graphic design. If anyone has an undying passion for online games, they will surely realize that the graphics in Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike have many similarities with Minecraft.

However, the game is designed with extreme full HD image quality, which brings a new atmosphere when you approach the game. Pixel graphics in the game will make players get the most satisfying feeling they have ever experienced.

If the graphics bring many plus points, the sound effects also create the soul of the game. Although the game does not use background music, the system’s notification sound is very well appreciated. These sounds are not annoying for players but will help them reduce their stress quite a lot.

Maps and zombies

The map in the game is diverse and quite eye-catching for users. These maps are not free, but you will have to buy it through the money received from fighting and killing zombies. The higher the price maps, the greater the risk, but it will also give a higher chance of killing zombies.

Zombie characters also have a variety of shapes that are distinguished by the costumes they wear. These zombies have different origins such as doctors, workers, firefighters… When the number of zombies massively pulls in too much that you can’t keep up, you can take temporary measures to prevent them such as gates or barriers. Go to the shop and upgrade your equipment.

Hopefully the information about Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike has helped you choose the game you like best. Let’s download this game and proceed to discover interesting things right away. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid.



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