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Require Android 6.0

The survival game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on PC is probably too familiar to most gamers. Now, you can fully experience this game right on your smartphone with PUBG: NEW STATE APK and OBB version.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has probably become a well-known name in the gaming industry worldwide. Since its launch, this battle royale game has captured the hearts of the vast majority of players. Now, not only popular on the PC system, but PUBG is also placed on the track of the mobile game market. The developer has released PUBG for phones on Android and iOS operating systems platforms. Moreover, PUBG: NEW STATE was born based on the previous gameplay system, but with a completely new context: the battle of Future World in 2051.

Here, you will be completely conquered by the diverse gameplay with completely new game modes, along with the modern scenery and weapons of the future.


Style play

Coming to PUBG: NEW STATE, you will be somewhat “overwhelmed” by the ruined space of the future World, which is ravaged by the consequences of battles between non-governmental forces. Everywhere is the image of bombs, fiery battlefields, when the goal of human survival is put on top. In this situation, you will have to use all your skills and weapons to survive by defeating other opponents. This is also the gameplay completely similar to the original.

Like the PUBG PC version, at the beginning of the battle, all players will be put on a specialized plane that flies over the entire map. At this point, you can select a “landing” point on the map, and immediately leave the plane at any time you want. Immediately after landing, your job is to quickly find equipment and weapons to confront other players. Remember, places with a lot of buildings and houses will have a lot of equipment. Therefore, to avoid the “naked” situation, do not choose to land in desolate places such as a savannah or an empty forest.


Game mode

The new feature of PUBG: NEW STATE, is that in addition to the Battle Royale Classic mode (survival), players can now experience 2 new game modes, Arcade and Arena. In which, Arcade is the mode that will bring endless fun for gamers, now, you will no longer be too worried about being defeated. The goal of this mode is that you kill as many other players as possible before the time the game stops.

Besides, the Arena mode is somewhat interesting, with five sub-modes: Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Assault, Gun Game, and Domination. To win, you should carefully learn these game modes through the description available in the game system.

A new environment with many new experiences

Just like the PC version, PUBG: NEW STATE also has two modes: first-person and third-person. The first-person perspective will be suitable for players who love visualization when this perspective will bring a sense of role-playing. Besides, the 3rd perspective helps gamers get an overview of the surrounding space and map environment.

In addition, the control part is also relatively easy, the movement keys are designed extremely “basic”. Even for players to easily get used to and convenient when playing games, PUBG: NEW STATE allows gamers to customize the control keys. However, you must set the key before you start a game.


The amount of the game’s map has also been refreshed to match the plot and context of Future World 2051 as mentioned. Therefore, the characters, costumes, and weapons are somewhat different. But you should not be too worried, because, after just 10-15 minutes of playing the game, you will be able to adapt quickly.

Equipment in the game

In addition to the map system, the equipment in the game has also been improved by the developers of PUBG: NEW STATE. Now, depending on each map, weapons and defense equipment will change. In addition, if compared with the original, this equipment is somewhat more modern. You can fully customize them in each match to optimize weapons, and help them increase critical damage to enemies.

Vehicles will definitely be the attraction of the game. Therefore, in PUBG: NEW STATE, moving vehicles are also improved in terms of appearance. In the game, there are even types of unmanned destruction aircraft. Obviously, to survive, you will have to calculate an extremely complete strategy. In addition, the game also has an extremely eye-catching costume system for the characters.

Quality graphics

Although it is only a game for phones, PUBG: NEW STATE has extremely good graphics quality. The character’s movements, weapons, as well as “explosive” scenes are shown relatively realistically. According to some reviews of gamers, PUBG: NEW STATE even has the same graphics as the PUBG Lite version for PC, however, it has sharp and beautiful images. It can be said that PUBG: NEW STATE will be an extremely hot FPS game in the not too distant future.

Download PUBG: NEW STATE APK for Android

It can be said that this is a game with attractive gameplay and top graphics. Perhaps there will be no need to say much more about PUBG: NEW STATE when this battle royale game has all the favorite elements for FPS gamers. If you love PUBG: NEW STATE, you can download the game HERE. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid.


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