RAID: Shadow Legends MOD APK 7.30.0 (Increase Battle Speed)

Updated 02:07 - 15/07/2023
Package com.plarium.raidlegends
Version 7.30.0
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Size 151M
Features Increase Battle Speed
Require Android 5.0

Do you want to participate in the battle against the dark forces to regain light for the kingdom of Teleria? It can be said that Plarium is one of the few publishers that has been very successful when releasing role-playing games. And Raid shadow legends mod apk is based on a fierce battle between the two forces of light and darkness. The game brings a story around the tasks that you need to perform with your teammates. To learn more about the game, download this turn-based RPG platform and join the game right away.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Interesting story

Launching another popular RPG game in the gaming market, Plarium has once again achieved much success. This game is inspired by the battle of 4 warriors, representing the light in the battle with the dark Sirota. Teleria is known as a peaceful kingdom where the people have lived happily ever since.

These good things did not last long, one day Siroth plotted to destroy this place with a malicious plan. Before that situation, you will play the role of a warrior, along with 3 teammates to solve his dark plot and save Teleria from suffering.

Although the beginning of the story is a bit special, when you enter the role, you are in a special situation because the other 3 teammates have been grilled by the monster, while you are in his hands of. This unexpected start is a testament to a strong enemy, with many dangers lurking around to keep you on high alert.

With turn-based role-playing, you are required to plan carefully for your team before becoming the barbecue of the fierce fire dragon. When the entire fate of a country is in your hands, will you be able to rescue it?

Attractive gameplay

To complete the mission, you must summon a squad of mighty heroes, because this game always requires teamwork. With turn-based gameplay, you will also find that the gameplay is more minimalist because you do not have to control the character too much. The 4vs4 battle will take place with many typical dramatic details, you can both play and observe the match.

After selecting the heroes to join you in the battle, you just need to choose to enter the game, the system will automatically bring your team into the battle. Similar to your team, the opponent will also have 4 people. Because the game is turn-based fighting, you don’t need to use too many skills.

Let’s start choosing combat skills for each member of the team, then you choose opponents for each person. When a pair is done fighting, it will be the turn of the next person who has been selected first.

You will have the opportunity to unlock many heroes from many different factions. Each hero will have separate combat skills, so you don’t need to upgrade too much for each person. The more you unlock, the more heroes you will get into your team. With a rich hero shop system, players will see a variety of beautiful skills here.

Forming a team

The special feature here is that you will be able to change your companion at any time because the system does not force you to stick with anyone. Establishing a strong squad is the key thing that you need to pay attention to. In particular, you need to know that you can sacrifice your own team members. Specifically, if you find those people with skills that don’t meet the fight, you can sacrifice them to upgrade someone else to be stronger.

But consider this carefully, because each hero will have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you should be wise to avoid mistakes. Be a wise leader with key strategies, you need to know the balance between attack and defense, know how to make the most of your teammates’ abilities when needed.


Raid shadow legends mod apk brings an epic arsenal with the most modern and specialized equipment. Depending on which side each player is on, they will have their own equipment to maximize their strengths. The basic equipment for heroes is always available when you start playing such as armor, shoes, hats, special weapons… You can then upgrade to better gear as you unlock these weapons.

Game mode

The battles against the fire dragon will bring you to many game modes from basic to complex. Starting with the campaign mode, you will experience exciting adventures throughout the lands of Teleria. Or join other game modes like guilds, Dungeons, Wars… because these modes will bring you to more intense online battles.

You will be able to play with other role-players anywhere in the world without having to play against the system’s AIs. This will put you on your way to the top of the game’s online leaderboards.

Graphics of Raid shadow legends mod apk

It’s not surprising that the graphics are a plus point for this game. As a role-playing game, it also inherits great graphic designs with a detailed and magnificent simulation of a game world. It can be said that 3D graphics always bring the best impressions. In addition, the typical character designs are attentive to every detail. The character’s sound effects and techniques are real and lively, there’s nothing to criticize.

Hopefully, the information about Raid shadow legends mod apk has answered your questions. Download this attractive game application right now and explore the exciting gaming moments together. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid!


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