Retro Bowl MOD APK 1.5.88 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 03:06 - 19/06/2023
Package com.newstargames.retrobowl
Version 1.5.88
Publisher New Star Games Ltd
Size 13M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 4.1

Retro Bowl is a sports game that simulates a rugby game in a very unique pixel graphics style. Coming to Retro Bowl, you will be able to build the team you love. In addition, you will choose the right tactics and compete to see if you are a good leader of a rugby team. Now, let’s follow Apkdroid to see what’s attractive about Retro Bowl? What are the advantages of the Retro Bowl mod apk version that we provide?

Coming to Retro Bowl, players will be very impressed with the control system of this game. The controls are simple and intuitive, which will help you step into a rugby game with ease. Along with that, the classic pixel graphics will surely make you feel excited.

Download Retro Bowl Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) - Rugby Game For Android

Rugby – the most attractive sport in America

Did you know that the most popular sport in America is not football, but rugby? This is a sport that first appeared in the US and gradually became popular here and in neighboring countries. This sport requires a combination of many factors such as physicality, dexterity, tactics, and speed.

This is a team sport, and each team will have 11 players. The match takes place on a rectangular football field with score poles at each end. And the biggest tournament held every year is the Super Bowl. If you are interested in this sport and you want to experience its gameplay and techniques, you can immediately experience Retro Bowl – a game that fully and completely simulates this sport.

What’s special about Retro Bowl?

If you are an observant person, you can immediately recognize the interesting thing in the name of the game. It’s Retro – Classic Gameplay and Graphics. And Bowl refers to the biggest tournament of this sport in the US, which is the Super Bowl.

The rules in the Retro Bowl game are the rules of American rugby. Two teams will play against each other, and each team will have 11 players. The goal of each team is to score more goals in a certain time.

To get the score, the player needs to move down the opponent’s field and bring the ball to the area at the end of the field. This means you need to throw the ball to your teammates or hold the ball to run towards the end of the field.

Each team has 4 chances to send the ball forward with a distance of 10m. Every time you cross a 10m track, you need to put the ball down and start again 10m. And if after 4 phases into the sea without passing that 10m distance, the ball will be passed to your team.

The 11 players on each team will have different roles.

The first is the attacking group, they are the midfielders, and their job is to make the ball win and throw the ball to the teammates.

The second is the defensive group, whose task is to prevent the opponent’s player from running down with the ball.

And the last group is a special group, they have the task of kicking and throwing the ball on the field. These members are usually for people with large bodies and fast running speeds.

Download Retro Bowl Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) - Rugby Game For Android

Simple and accessible control system

Retro Bowl has a fairly accessible and user-friendly control system. The controls are simple and easy to see in convenient locations. All of these help players easily control the characters in the match. When you want to control a certain player, you just need to touch that player and then use the commands that are the corresponding buttons. When the players throw and pass the ball, there will be a line representing the flight path of the ball. This design will be very easy even for those who are new to the game as well as rugby.

Although the game is quite simple, it creates an attraction for players. Whether you already know or you are new to the rugby game in Retro Bowl, you will love it, even more, when you play this game. Moreover, you will deepen your understanding of the ideology and attractions of American sport. This is a sport that not only requires strength, but also requires tactical dexterity, skill, and mutual understanding of the players. Therefore, the more you participate in the big tournaments, the more you need to master the tactics, skills, and strength to win.

Download Retro Bowl Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) - Rugby Game For Android

Graphics and sound of the game Retro Bowl

As mentioned above, Retro Bowl has traditional-style gameplay and graphics. The game chooses the old 2D visual style, from colors, character creation to the stands, borders, audience… All will give players the feeling of playing on old electronic machines. You will surely have many indescribable emotions.

As for the sound, it also does its job well. The sound gives players a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. This is shown very clearly through the sound of running, whistle, or goal chirping… It will definitely help you get a lot of interesting emotions.


Retro Bowl will be very suitable for those who love and want to get acquainted with this sport. This game not only helps you learn the rules and ways of playing, but you can also test your talent and bravery on the battlefield in fiery rugby matches. Download Retro Bowl Mod Apk for Android phones to experience this exciting game right away.

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