SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City MOD APK 2.32.0 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 12:07 - 01/07/2023
Package sniper.shooting3d.zombie
Version 2.32.0
Size 142M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 5.0

SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City is an offline and online addictive sniper shooting game. Are you ready to join the shooting game with fierce matches? Find out more by reading the latest analysis from Apkdroid below.


About SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City

SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City is developed by VNG Games Studios. This is considered one of the best sniper games at the moment. The game is designed specifically for mobile devices, allowing you to easily access it offline or online.

Join this game, it is also the time when you immerse yourself in the non-stop shooting. At the same time, you will compete with many others to become the best assassin. This violent Zombie game will definitely bring you moments of extreme entertainment.

The game is built on apocalyptic circumstances. In particular, the city and its inhabitants are facing many dangerous mutants. You need to stand up to destroy the bad guys and become the hero of humanity.

When you spend time experiencing this game, you also have the opportunity to improve your sniper skills. Also, the more you train, the sooner you’ll become the ultimate hunter. Through each level, you need to face increasing difficulty, and try your best.

The main task of the player is to protect the target or kill the enemy. The weapon that sticks with you is none other than a realistic 3D sniper rifle. The game has more than 100 missions with new challenges waiting for you to conquer.

Game modes in the game

SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City has many game modes that make it easy for you to choose the right form of combat. If you want to become a skilled sniper, you must definitely experience the following:


Campaign mode

In the campaign mode, your main task is to attack the target enemy or shoot zombies. At the same time, players must destroy criminals with specialized guns. All this is for the purpose of protecting the city to bring peace to everyday life.

If you want to become a zombie hunter, actively participate in this game. The advice for gamers when experiencing the main campaign mode is to use 3D assassin rifles. This type helps you to snipe accurately, take down the enemy quickly and complete the mission well.

Daily quests

There are many entertaining missions in the survival game SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City. However, it has a simple gameplay that makes it easy to level up. Imagine that you are a real assassin who receives orders to go on a mission in the post-apocalyptic world.

In the quest to fulfill a noble duty, you have to face dozens of zombies. When they appeared, they were as numerous as a rushing and violent tsunami. Therefore, you need to know how to use the right weapons to repel the bad guys.

Special activities

Zombies are approaching you, do not hesitate, you need to destroy them. Quickly shoot them in the head by pulling the trigger. Constantly swinging at every angle to make sure no one can harm you.

During the game, you need to maintain your concentration to kill zombies. At the same time, let’s rescue the innocent.

The action scenes in the game SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City are extremely thrilling and suspenseful. The game has a first-person perspective, helping you see things and phenomena through the eyes of the character. Above all, you can only observe the gun and the hand, the rest focus entirely on the match.

Real-time battle mode

SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City also features a real-time battle mode for you and other players. You need to compete with them to see who will be the deadliest sniper assassin. Don’t hesitate to download this game now and challenge yourself with an exciting new game.


To unlock the fury gun, actively seek the prize. Players will stand in front of many available choices of weapons. Thanks to that, you will easily destroy the hateful zombies and become a great character.

When you become the number one assassin of the war, you have access to a wide variety of authentic weapons and equipment. Best of all, the process of planning and executing the shooting game is also extremely simple.

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Outstanding features in the game

Players love SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City for many reasons. Typically, this is an extremely attractive first-person shooter game. Above all, you can also experience the following outstanding features:

  • Offers more than 100 challenging missions: Face crazy Zombies, survive the Zombie Apocalypse, defeat criminals and rescue innocent people, etc.
  • Integrate more than 20 types of guns and powerful weapons to support players to complete missions: Rifles, guns, and unique bullets.
  • Experience playing single-player or engaging in combat with friends.
  • Free and fun game suitable for both offline and online.

SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City gathers many special features. To enjoy those great things, quickly download the game right away.

Stunning 3D graphics and vivid sound enhance the extreme experience

What impresses gamers from the first moment is the extreme graphics of SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City. The image of zombies is extremely scary, so you need to aim accurately to destroy them. At the same time, the buildings, roads, and cars are meticulously designed by the developer to every detail.

In terms of the sound in the game, you also love it because of its liveliness. Each shot fired will have a realistic volume. All like a true description of the battle with the Zombies right in front of your eyes.

Download now the mod version – Unlimited Money to bring the perfect experience

Weapons are an important factor to help you destroy zombies when participating in SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City. However, only when players reach a certain level and accumulate enough money, can they unlock modern guns.

A good way for you to play SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City is to download the mod version – Unlimited Money. This feature gives players unlimited money. Thanks to that, you will buy many advanced weapons without worrying about the cost.

This also gives players a perfect experience. If you want to immerse yourself in thrilling and intense matches with strong opponents, download SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City right now.

I believe you have understood more about SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City after reading the above article. To challenge the ultimate sniper ability and practice combat strategy, join the game now. I believe you will not regret your choice.


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