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Updated 03:05 - 15/05/2023
Package com.paradyme.solarsmash
Version 2.1.0
Publisher Paradyme Games
Size 141M
Features No Ads
Require Android 5.1

For those who have a passion for space science, Solar Smash is definitely a Simulation game not to be missed. Why is Solar Smash so attractive to players? Let’s Apkdroid find out through the article below.

Solar Smash MOD APK

About Solar Smash

As mentioned, Solar Smash simulates the system of planets or black holes in the most realistic way. And as the name “Smash”, your main task in the game is to destroy any element in the universe at will.

The publisher Paradyme Games has developed this game with extremely simple gameplay. However, the strength of this simulation game is the extremely realistic graphics system, because it clearly depicts the vast universe system

Destroy the planet – Breakthrough ideas about gameplay

At first, when hearing the name Solar Smash, perhaps many players will imagine an arcade game on Nintendo or handheld systems in the early 2000s, like shooting dinosaur eggs… However, Solar Smash gives players a pleasant surprise, because the idea of the game is not really deep, but extremely attractive because of its “crazy”.

Paradyme Games has done its job too well. In particular, it is aimed at the hearts of those who love astronomy. Because every image and background of Solar Smash is completely about the universe. The player’s only task is to find a way to destroy all planets. What could be more satisfying than holding the life of the objects that are said to make up this universe? It feels like an almighty being!

Solar Smash MOD APK

Various weapon systems

Obviously, to destroy an oversized planet, conventional weapons were too useless. You can’t use a 9mm Colt to shoot Mars and expect it to break into a thousand pieces! Therefore, in order to “slaughter” the whole galaxy, you must have in hand a weapon of some kind that is destructive.

The developers of Solar Smash did not disappoint gamers when bringing into the game a really “heavy” arsenal system. In the game, you can freely use nuclear weapons, which world leaders have to be wary of every “button press”, or even future technologies like heavy lasers. And even more surprising, you can use meteors or asteroids to destroy everything on a large scale!

Simple gameplay

Galaxy? Universe? When you hear it, you will think that Solar Smash will be a macro and extremely complex game, but the gameplay of the game is extremely simple. All you have to do is use the weapons mentioned above to destroy the selected planet to pieces.

In addition to giant rockets and nuclear missiles, you can use maximum lasers or large asteroids. In general, all the technologies and weapons that you can imagine, whether future or present, are reproduced by the game in a relatively realistic way.

The game gives players moments of real relaxation. You can see your work, which is the color and sound of the planetary explosions that have just occurred. Admittedly, Paradyme Games has put a lot of effort into researching astronomical documents. Therefore, all images of Solar Smash’s universe simulation are very realistic and extremely sharp. The explosion in the game will not happen too fast, but happens gradually, making the player “enjoy” a masterpiece.

The feeling of being the mighty ruler of the universe

It’s hard to think that one day, you can destroy a planet with your own hands, a power that only superheroes in the comics can do. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that “Solar Smash” gives you the experience of a true “Terminator”.

In the game, you can arbitrarily choose any planet you want, and destroy them with every kind of “power” at hand. There will also be a variety of planets for you to choose from, from color, size, even how they explode. This is the point that makes the game really attractive, especially for those who love the beauty of the universe.

Solar Smash MOD APK

Realistic 3D graphics

Another plus point of Solar Smash that is aimed at the hearts of gamers is the extremely realistic 3D graphics. From the moment the planet moves intact, to the moment it is burned to ashes under your hand, is portrayed vividly. The beauty of each planet, from the outer superstructure, will be vividly recreated by game makers.

Great graphics are not enough, Solar Smash also has really catchy sound effects. The sound from the explosions is described as extremely realistic, neat, and steely, and it provides an interesting experience for the player. Only those two factors are clear enough for any gamer who loves emulators.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the extremely impressive game effects that Paradyme Games integrated for Solar Smash. Every movement of the planet, from being intact, to break into pieces, then burning to ashes, is very real.

Download game Solar Smash MOD APK for Android

Solar Smash’s MOD APK feature will help you remove annoying ads. It can be said that this is what any gamer wants. To play the Solar Smash MOD APK game on Android, please download HERE.

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