Storage Master MOD APK 2.2 (Free rewards)

Updated 03:10 - 20/10/2022
Package com.jpx.snwy
Version 2.2
Publisher 周浩
Size 148M
Features Free rewards
Require Android 5.0

Storage Master is a game specializing in storage that is suitable for children from 3 years old and up. This game has now had more than 500 thousand downloads, so it is worth experiencing today. If you want to know more, read the latest analysis from APKDROID right here.

Introduction to the game Storage Master

Storage Master is a game about storage masters. There are many unpacking games waiting for you to discover. Let your mind be completely relaxed with this simple game. All you need to do is help the poor cat, dry the dirty fish and arrange the furniture.

Storage Master MOD APK

Things in this game are not in the right place and are very messy. Therefore, you should find a way to put them in the right place and create order. This does not require too much thinking, but requires hard work and attention to detail.

What makes Storage Master different from many other games is simplicity. At the same time, the game allows you to play for free, load quickly and play smoothly.

The game has many game modes that bring endless fun

At first glance, you will see that Storage Master is nothing too outstanding. However, spending time exploring this game, you quickly discover many game modes. Examples are as follows:

  • Immersive cleaning of cat paws: Clean the poor cat’s feet by trimming the nails like taking care of a real pet.
  • Decompress and wash the carpet: Unpack the game and do the carpet cleaning.
  • An entire freezer is yours: Arrange the ice cream in the freezer. They come in many different shapes like popsicles, while ice cream cones are only suitable for a certain location. Therefore, you need to find the right places and arrange them neatly.
  • First-class film technology: Clean screens for electronic devices. This requires going through many steps with the skill of persevering step by step to overcome the challenge.

In addition, Storage Master also has many other levels such as arranging makeup. Items such as combs, brushes, chalk, hairpins, pencils, etc. are very messy. You put them in the right position and complete the assigned task, proceeding to the next parts of the game.

Besides, you can also try your hand at arranging your desk neatly. Always remember that each object will have a unique compatible position, if it is not suitable, you can completely change it. In particular, there will be a specified time, if you complete it too late, the results will not be accepted.

Simple and addictive gameplay for every gamer

It is not difficult when you join Storage Master. Because everything has been exposed before your eyes. You just need to observe the whole, make a general assessment and judge the arrangement of objects in a reasonable position.

In addition to entertainment purposes, this game also helps you practice orderliness and care. Only after completing this level can you unlock another. This motivates gamers to do their best to achieve the expected results.

Storage Master MOD APK

With each level, if you complete it as quickly as possible, you will be rated three stars – the highest level. Otherwise, you only get 1 or 2 stars back. Please try to complete it in the shortest time to receive full stars.

Overall, Storage Master is a game for those who love to organize things. You will have to spend a lot of time thinking, and overall assessing whether this item should be in a reasonable position. Above all, the game has countless different levels, giving you a new experience and away from boredom.

Outstanding features of the game

What makes the Storage Master game so sought after is due to the diverse features in the game. When participating, you will be able to experience the following:

  • Discover and arrange the furniture of different styles without duplicates.
  • The arrangement time is specific, urging each individual to complete it as soon as possible.
  • Each position is compatible with a specific item, not arbitrarily arranged.
  • Discover interesting stories through levels. Typically, what is the desk for, how is the dressing table, how to have the items, what to take care of the cat to perform, etc.
  • Fun background music creates excitement for players.

Surely when arranged in a certain order, everything will become neat. If you want to show yourself as a person with aesthetic taste and scientific layout, join this game right away. There are many challenges waiting for you ahead that require quick hands and eyes.

Storage Master gives players new experiences. Although you have participated in many other games, you can hardly find special things only in this game. Quickly download the game and judge for yourself how it is.

Beautiful graphics and bright colors

The next plus point of the Storage Master game is the beautiful graphics. The colors used in the game are mostly bright tones such as pink, blue, red, etc. This gives players the utmost excitement and joy.

Each movement is described most realistically combined with gentle background music. Thanks to that, the fatigue and stress during a long day of studying and working disappear like never before. Therefore, this game is suitable for children over 3 years old with simple gameplay.

Storage Master MOD APK

However, parents who want to play with their children to share funny moments can join right away. You can also suggest what to do next and brainstorm together to come up with the best solution.

On the other hand, for the levels that are not enough 3 stars, you can choose to play again. Thus, you practice your ability to organize as well as improve your performance.

MOD – Unlimited money version enhances the experience for gamers

The Storage Master game currently has a MOD version – Unlimited money. If you want to experience the feature of unlimited money to buy many items, quickly download the game now. Thanks to that, you also find the full experience to get the highest number of stars and complete the mission with ease.

This MOD version is extremely safe because the application has been scanned by anti-malware. Therefore, when you download and experience it, you will not notice a virus infection. Instead, it is smooth to play without worrying about slowness and lag. That is also the reason more and more gamers choose to experience Storage Master.

Installing Storage Master from is very safe, so you can consider it today. Don’t miss any opportunity to relieve your stress by playing games. This helps you to effectively regenerate energy, as well as increase your intelligence and creativity.

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