Super Mario Run MOD APK 3.0.28 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 03:04 - 08/04/2023
Version 3.0.28
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Size 84M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 4.4

The famous Mario game seems to have never stopped being hot in the game market since its release. This is a Japanese game developed on a scrolling platform, through the control of the character Mario or Luigi. The game is known as the most successful title in the Super Mario series. If you love to conquer classic games, do not hesitate anymore, join us in Super Mario right now to discover what’s new in this all-time legendary game.

Super Mario Run

Introduction Super Mario Run

This is a game released in 1990, and so far, it has brought the name of this series to the world with more than 20 million copies sold in the market. It is also the first game designed for the SNES that made full use of the console’s functions. Among the few best video games in history that have been listed, Super Mario Run has the honor to add its name to that list. Nintendo is the author and publisher of this famous game.

The worldwide popularity of this game has spawned many well-received animated series and short stories. With this release, the publisher also took the idea of ​​the journey of the character Mario and friends, with many improvements in gameplay and graphics. It can be said that the success of this update has had a great impact on the later Mario series.

Plot Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run continued the plot of the previous version when the character successfully rescued the Mushroom kingdom. Mario and his companions continue to travel to the dinosaur kingdom, where they will face many more dangers. One day, when Mario and Luigi wake up, they don’t see their friend Princess Toadstool. In the process of tracing her, they met the dinosaur, Yoshi. This meeting led the two to know that other dinosaurs were also imprisoned by the evil Bowser. From here, the 3 join together to rescue their friends and fight dangerous enemies. The little dinosaur gave Mario a cape to protect him from dangers on his way to save Yoshi’s dinosaur friends.

The battle to save the dinosaur friends from the Koopalings succeeds, and they finally have to face the person who kidnapped their friend. The battle at his castle is fierce, but with intelligence and courage, you also save her. The land of dinosaurs returns to peace again, Bowser is taken to the sky to be held and you also find a lot of treasure later.

Super Mario Run

Style play Super Mario Run

As a typical game with side-scrolling gameplay, you will control the character to conduct missions and clear the game. The game consists of 2 screens, which are the map and the side-scrolling playing field. There are 96 levels described from beginning to end in the journey to conquer this game series. The world map will be displayed in an overhead view, and it will show the roads to enter Bowser’s castle. Move the character through the obstacles and make sure not to die, because the number of lives is limited. If you run out of time or you are caught by the enemy, thrown into a pit… then you will lose one life each time.

In particular, the game allows 2 players to alternately use the map and participate in levels. Specifically, you can choose the character Mario and the second person will be Luigi. The game uses power-ups from the old version and continues with new power-ups such as Cape feather. In addition, you can also store collected items or energy sources in your inventory in case of an emergency.

To get Mario’s power, you need to control the character to hit blocks to get items and become a Super Mario. Super Mario will usually acquire items by tapping blocks, and you’ll save them to your collection once activated. In addition, you can also use Yoshi as an amount when doing other quests. When facing enemies, you can jump over, step on or spin to destroy them as quickly as possible.

The game will guide the player through 7 worlds, and go to the last world – the giant gate. But surely if you do it in the right order, you will lose a lot of time, so take advantage of the secret routes. However, you must search for keys all over the map to enter the hidden world. Because in this version, the publisher has a connection between the levels and the world, so the map part will be less linear than before.

Super Mario Run


With the Super Mario Run version, the publisher has brought a game with 2D graphics designed to match the game content. Cartoon character design is a cuteness that always attracts players, especially children. The game space is not limited by the map, so the player will get a fairly wide and comprehensive view. The colors in the game are not great, but they are not too messy or colorful. Besides, the music in this game is also researched and applied quite appropriately to create a comfortable feeling when playing. In general, the graphics are also the factor that makes this game the hottest name of all time.

If you are passionate about games, you cannot ignore Super Mario Run with the fun and relaxation it brings. Experience this popular game and become the first to conquer Super Mario Run. Do not hesitate anymore, download this game application to your device and join right away.

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