Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero MOD APK 2.9 (Unlimited Keys, Cards)

Updated 08:06 - 15/06/2022
Package onegameglobal.superstickfight
Version 2.9
Publisher Onegame Global
Size 113M
Features Unlimited Keys, Cards
Require Android 5.0

Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero Mod Apk is a game of Action and RPG genre. The demon lord brought all the monsters from different planets to travel to earth – your world. As one of the heroes of the World, you must stand up with your teammates to fight against the superhuman monsters of the universe, in order to protect your beloved country. Let’s explore this game with APKDROID through the article below!

Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero

About Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero: Chaos War Battle

Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero is published by Onegame Global, and it is one of the most popular games today. In this game, you will recognize many characters from the most famous shounen anime movies in history. With this part, you can enjoy a brand new story full of evil characters. A group of demons tasked with sending villains from different universes around the world. Therefore, you must fight today and unlock many modes and characters.

Background of Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero: Chaos War Battle

The interesting thing about Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero is that the fight takes place between armies of heroes. You will gather all the mighty warriors to join the battle, and work together to make the enemy lose quickly. The demons are the forces that the player must destroy. They are extremely powerful so you must use every means of attack. Let’s destroy these evil forces as quickly as possible. Come to the world of warriors and show your class.

Players will travel across universes and face countless formidable enemies. Join the fight and overcome the challenges. Face powerful forces and many conspiracies. Join your teammates to fight and gather brave heroes to create an army of fierce resistance. This is a free game with a lot of support from players. Overall, Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero: Chaos War Battle is a good game that offers many challenges. Try all your strengths, and gather excellent warriors despite all dangerous challenges.

Massive hero system

Hundreds of heroes will accompany the player, and you will control the warriors to enter the confrontation. Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero has provided you with a lot of heroes to choose from and combines many heroes with the same different characters and excellent fighting skills. In addition, Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero continues to improve the secondary strength to train more strength for players.

Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero

During the battle, do not forget to collect heroes. Because that helps the strength of the army and the player is getting stronger and stronger. Upgrade warriors to gain more fighting power and avoid all enemy attacks. The system is carefully selected and creates tremendous power for each warrior to go to battle and participate in each match. Get all the heroic warriors you want.

Participate in tournaments

The passion of fighting begins with many challenges, and Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero is an option. Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero offers many tournaments for you to try your hand at. Moreover, each tournament will be unique with different missions, along with new players, fans, duels… This is one of the levels that you have to complete. Players choose the game mode and get the wins they want. Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero allows players to never miss an opportunity. Set foot in each universe and challenging enemies.

Exciting fighting game

Fighting is something we often see in movies, or shows that have become the norm. In the real world, unless it’s a competition or your job, you can’t easily pick a fight with anyone. But regardless of the subject matter, watching anime movies and shows is always fun when it comes to its antagonistic nature. Today you can fight to the end in Super Stick Fight All Star! This is a stickman fighting game that includes all popular shounen anime shows to date.

Here you can unlock many characters from different shows like Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, One Punch Man, and many more. Today you will have a chance to fight against many other characters in story mode and enjoy different skills. In addition, you can enjoy more than 300 unique skills of different characters to master today. You can also level up your heroes to face mighty enemies.

Sound and graphics

Super Stick Fight AllStar (mod money) has an extremely sharp, modern, and sophisticated graphic design. The detailed descriptions create attraction and stimulation for players. The gestures and actions of the characters are faithfully reproduced and the sound is extremely vivid, all creating drama and grandeur for battles.

The characters in the game are realistically depicted in every detail, the battles become really fierce and powerful through visual and sound effects. Surely you will have enjoyable experiences participating in battles and entertaining adventures through this game.

Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero

Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero: Chaos War Battle MOD APK version

MOD feature

Unlimited Keys, Cards: With the amount of keys and cards that Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero: Chaos War Battle MOD APK brings, players will own all the items in the game.

Download Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero MOD APK for Android

Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero is ranked 5.0 with over 1000000 downloads on Google Play. You can experience the latest Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero MOD APK that has just been updated on our article, by clicking HERE.

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