Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 01:10 - 27/10/2022
Package com.dingogames.tastyplanet4
Version 1.2.0
Publisher Dingo Games
Size 27M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 4.1

If you have a taste for food and you want to eat everything in this world, let’s come to Tasty Planet Forever to make your dream come true. This game will help you eat everything you come across along the way, even though it may cause you a lot of trouble. Not only that, this game will help you go to many different places from the ground to the ocean. In addition, when it comes to Apkdroid, we will provide you with the Tasty Planet Forever mod apk version with Unlimited money. And what is the money used for? Please follow the article below.

Download Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

About Tasty Planet Forever

Coming to Tasty Planet Forever, players will participate in extremely attractive missions. You will need to transform into many different objects, go on adventures with many other planets and new lands. Then you will be a very small animal that has an uncontrolled hunger.

Therefore, you will go looking for foods that are suitable for your small size. And you need to eat as much and as quickly as possible. The main purpose of this is to help you grow faster. In the game, there are more than 150 missions that require you to complete. This is considered a game with new content that helps players not get bored while playing. In addition, Tasty Planet Forever also has a very playful and fun graphic design. Not only that, but the sound also makes you feel more comfortable when playing this game.

Enjoy delicious food in Tasty Planet Forever

Coming to Tasty Planet Forever, your character will gradually increase in size according to the amount of food they eat. As a child, you will only eat small objects such as small knives, cockroaches, or mice… And you can eat anything as long as it fits your size. When you grow to the right size, you can also swallow a car, a building, or even a person. Eat it all as long as it can satisfy your hunger. But note, you can’t eat anywhere, because larger objects will prevent you, along with pitfalls that can appear anywhere.

Download Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Let’s touch to eat

When playing Tasty Planet Forever, you will find that the game has very simple gameplay. Even a new player when joining this game, it only takes a few touches to understand how it plays.

In the process of searching for food, it is very necessary to move the character away. With Tasty Planet Forever, getting around is simple. Just touch the character on the screen, then move the character anywhere you want. However, you also have to be clever in the process of moving your character, so that they do not collide with an object bigger than it. And right next to your character, there will also be a small arrow that takes on the role of a navigator. It will direct you to the location of the item that you can eat.

There are 7 worlds to eat

Have you ever wondered, after you eat it all, what will you get to eat? Don’t worry, after eating all of Paris, you will continue to adventure to 7 different locations. With each location, you will discover something new. For example, you can go to the ocean and eat everything that is thousands of meters deep, or eat bees flying in the sky…

In addition, you will not only transform into a cat, but you can also transform into many other characters such as penguins, octopuses, or sharks… Even a black hole of the universe can swallow everything, even the giant Mars.

Download Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

What is your reward?

So how long do you keep eating like that? And what is your purpose for eating? Of course, after all, you will get the rewards. That is the star rating after each level. In each game, you will have 3 stars. And based on this number of stars, you will get corresponding experience points. In particular, you will also receive an important reward, which is time. Because in each level, you need to complete your goals in a certain amount of time. In addition, you can also get more bonuses as well as characters such as killer whales, metal cat or eel, ladybug …. And you will use these animals to join the game again.

Download Tasty Planet Forever mod apk for Android

It can be said that Tasty Planet Forever is a great game to entertain you. You can play it after stressful working hours as well as relax at any time. With engaging game content, it can be suitable for anyone of any age. And if you are also looking for such a game to relax, download the Tasty Planet Forever mod apk and experience it right away.



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