Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK 1.4.20 (Free Shopping)

Updated 02:06 - 02/06/2023
Package com.rockydessert.travelcente
Version 1.4.20
Publisher Wuhan Sonow technology co ltd
Size 130M
Features Free Shopping
Require Android 4.4

Travel Center Tycoon is a game in the simulation genre of car stops. This place will receive a variety of vehicles to help you become a real manager. To discover this interesting game, you should immediately read the following analysis from APKDROID.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK

About Travel Center Tycoon

Travel Center Tycoon opens a game about truck stops. Your task is to manage the vehicles and complete the upgrade criteria to unlock more parking lots. This job is quite busy, so you need to work hard and be active.

The game is now addictive for many gamers because of the exciting economic simulation genre. Here, you will develop a large logistics center and build gas stations in the desert. At the same time, the types of stores are also focused on design.

As vehicles move everywhere, they will stop at your bus stop for maintenance and relaxation. Through this activity, you can earn money to improve your profits and become rich person.

Travel Center Tycoon has been attended by many people around the world. To discover for yourself what is in the game, quickly download it now. I believe you will not be disappointed with this choice.

Ready to perform every mission in the game

Travel Center Tycoon begins with you building a gas station in the desert. All moving vehicles need fuel. Understanding this, you should build a business model and actively make profits.

Over time, you will develop that gas station into a stopover that can accommodate multiple vehicles. Always try to build a strong center with the following series of tasks:

Perform parking unlock

Initially, the number of vehicles coming to your gas station is small. However, every day you will have to actively upgrade the space, area, and services to meet the greater needs of customers. To do this, you need to unlock special parking lots.

Not only do trucks come to the parking lot, but you can also arrange to unlock larger spaces to fit industrial trucks or military trucks. This business model will grow stronger and bring you huge profits.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK

Develop more utility services

In addition to unlocking the parking lot, you should also develop more accommodation services. This gives customers the opportunity to rest after a long journey. At the same time, you also continue to generate profits for yourself.

The utility services you can build in Travel Center Tycoon are a car wash, a restaurant, and a bathroom. At the same time, convenience stores are also a great source of income for a talented manager like you. The work will be more and more, but be more active to make good use of all resources.

Hire more staff for more efficient management

Travel Center Tycoon stays active even when you’re offline. Profits from the business model will be stored in the vault. However, if this activity gets bigger and bigger, you need to hire more staff to manage it more effectively.

It’s great when everything is always stable and the source of money is collected every day. Try your hand at this unique economic simulation game genre. Maybe you will find endless inspiration thanks to Travel Center Tycoon.

Witness the bustling business activity

The interesting thing in the game Travel Center Tycoon is the bustle of the business model. As long as you expand the parking lot, the vehicles also become more so. Try to make your customers happy and make them want to come back to use your services next time.

You need the flexibility to arrange everything from fueling your vehicles to building a shelter. When completing the assigned task, is also the time when you earn abundant money. Actively open more parking lots to help drivers have time to rest.

In the game, there is also a lucky wheel that helps you get random rewards. It is usually money and gold with values ranging from small to large.

Throughout the game, there is always thorough instruction from a character. Therefore, even if you are just joining for the first time, it is easy for you to get in and do everything your best.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK

The game has a top-down perspective that helps to see everything well

Join Travel Center Tycoon, you can see everything clearly thanks to the top-down perspective. At the same time, you can easily move from any angle to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Typically, arranging parking locations for vehicles, implementing models of canteens, and resting areas for customers.

In addition, car owners also need maintenance facilities so that their vehicles can operate efficiently after a long journey. Many trucks are outside waiting to be serviced, you should do your best to build the best base.

Impressive with colorful cartoon graphics

Travel Center Tycoon also fascinates gamers thanks to its colorful cartoon graphics. You will see trucks of all colors such as red, blue, yellow, brown, and white. At the same time, the road is also designed realistically with the same line as in real life.

Besides, each area is divided scientifically and separately. From the model of parking outside to food service activities, entertainment, and rest. It all makes for a professional to run smoothly as it should.

Occasionally, some trucks will come to your stop. Each vehicle will have its own stamp, please collect them to use in case of need.

Are you ready to build an attractive truck hub today? Make all your plans come true, and prove yourself a talented manager in Travel Center Tycoon.

Mod version – Free Shopping

Travel Center Tycoon requires players to accumulate currency to unlock levels. This sometimes makes gamers feel bored and pressured because they want to upgrade the limited business model. However, you should immediately download the mod version – free shopping to overcome the above situation.

Accordingly, players will be provided with free shopping features. Thanks to that, you will easily buy all the items and expand the size of the growing bus stop.

Travel Center Tycoon allows players to connect with other gamers who love the simulation genre. You can share your outstanding achievements with other players. Above all, the above mod feature will effectively support you in the process of playing and breaking all levels.

Are you ready to join the game Travel Center Tycoon or not? Quickly download it to feel it for yourself and give the most unbiased assessment. I believe you will find moments of extreme entertainment thanks to this game.


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