Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 MOD APK 222.30.0 (Unlocked All)

Updated 09:10 - 22/10/2022
Package trollfacequesthorror2.scary
Version 222.30.0
Publisher Azerion Casual
Size 62M
Features Unlocked All
Require Android 5.0

Troll Face Quest is a top-rated game series with most versions reaching more than 10 million downloads. In addition, it received positive reviews from streamers/YouTubers, as well as a large number of users using trendy character models that suit their playing style. Let’s explore Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 through the following article of APKDROID!

About Troll Face Quest: Horror 2

Explore creepy puzzles in the game Troll Face Quest: Horror 2, a mod in the puzzle genre of publisher Spil Games. The game features challenging puzzles, combined with fun puzzle elements and horror genres that impress from the first time you enter the game. You will immediately notice a gloomy background along with the appearance of many scary-looking characters.

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 MOD APK

At the same time, there can be an infinite number of puzzle operations to be performed after each level of the game. When you complete the horror challenges in the levels, you will achieve amazing results. From there, you can compare yourself to friends or other players on the leaderboard to show off your puzzle skills.

Become a wise man in puzzle levels

The puzzles in Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 mod are played based on the game level. Your task is to find the correct answer to complete the requirements of this level. After completing each level, the achievement achieved is represented by a score. Use your own puzzle skills and wits to complete the levels with excellent achievements.

Your goal is to scare the characters on the level. Use scared facial expressions, mixed with humor. You can proceed to the next levels with exciting challenges of greater heterogeneity. The difficulty of the game is displayed in each level. The requirements in the later levels become more difficult than before, along with the appearance of many new characters to increase your excitement.

Diverse Contexts

Each puzzle of Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 Mod takes place in a specific context expressed through paintings with different styles. The characters appear in each image along with the objects. Solve puzzles by moving an object.

In this way, the character in the photo should change the tone and expression of the face. From there, you can complete the puzzle to advance to a new level. As mentioned above, every time you switch to a new context, the difficulty will increase. Sometimes, you will have difficulty solving the puzzle, you cannot find the correct solution to complete it. At this point, you can use the hint provided by the system, but the hint is only partially helpful, not in the solution. Therefore, it is necessary to combine observation and intelligence to find the correct answer.

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 MOD APK

The first and second level

Begin by entering the first level of Troll Face Quest: Horror 2., with a dark setting that takes place in a hallway of the house. Your task is to troll the characters and terrify them. Through two girls who suddenly appear as soon as the character turns on the light in the hallway, you have to fart to scare the character. Conversely, if the troll character remains, the quest will fail. This means you have to replay this level from the beginning.

Continue to the second level. The painting opens in the bathroom. With the appearance of a girl, she bathed in the shower. Then a man will appear to peek. Your task is to move the faucet on the girl’s face to remove makeup, making the guy shocked when he sees the girl’s real face.

Exciting graphics and sounds

The graphics of Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 Mod are quite simple, and not as vivid as games with 3D graphics. Instead, the picture quality is bright and colorful. Game developers have built in a graphic style with two main colors including white and black. In addition, there is the creation of different characters.

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 MOD APK

The same expression of horror mixed with humor and fun. Not stopping there, in addition to the game’s graphics, the sound of Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 is quite impressive. The characters’ hilarious trolls will make you laugh every time you do the puzzle action, keeping you laughing and having fun without getting bored. This will help you get more excited when taking it to the next level.

Troll Face Quest: Horror 2’s MOD APK Version

MOD feature

Unlock all: When using the MOD APK version of Troll Face Quest: Horror 2, players will have the most perfect experience, when unlocking all the special levels in the game. In addition, this feature also helps to limit the amount of “hints” at each level.

Download the MOD APK of Troll Face Quest: Horror 2 for Android

Going through the levels in the puzzle activity of Troll Face Quest: Horror 2, you will have the opportunity to meet many different characters. In addition, there are ghosts, zombies, evil clowns, crazy doctors, and even monsters with scary designs. Each character has its own style of appearance, presented in a graphic style with humorous troll expressions. It gives you a sense of enjoyment, you will certainly not get bored after a long time of experiencing this game.

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