Tsuki’s Odyssey MOD APK (Unlimited Carrots) v1.7.54

Updated 12:07 - 02/07/2023
Package com.hyperbeard.odyssey
Version 1.7.54
Publisher HyperBeard
Size 715M
Features Unlimited Carrots
Require Android 5.1

Are you a pet lover? If the answer is yes, Tsuki’s Odyssey is the perfect choice for you. This is a gentle, simple and extremely lovely pet game released by HyperBeard. This game brings extremely peaceful experiences with sparkling lighthouses in the distance. In addition, Tsuki’s Odyssey will have other interesting points, let’s Apkdroi find out right away in this article. And also don’t forget to download Tsuki’s Odyssey mod apk with interesting features.

Tsuki’s Odyssey MOD APK (Unlimited Carrots)

Background in the game Tsuki’s Odyssey

Coming to Tsuki’s Odyssey, players will be able to participate in the adventures of Tsuki rabbit. This is a freedom-loving rabbit, it wants to explore everywhere as well as do whatever it likes. And in this game, Tsuki will explore the forest with bright and peaceful scenery. Here, there is a village named Mushroom village, and its inhabitants are many lovely animals. And Tsuki’s journey begins here, the rabbit begins to explore, move, meet new friends and build a beautiful home for himself. In addition, Tsuki can also earn money by growing carrots, cabbage or fishing.

Style play

Tsuki’s Odyssey has a very light gameplay, you will definitely feel comfortable when participating in this game. However, the game still ensures a challenging element with difficulty for you. At the beginning of the game, you will have a house that is on the tree. The house was empty and unfurnished. Your task is to earn money and buy the necessary tools and furniture. Next is to arrange them to your liking to be a true home.

However, to have money to buy furniture, you need to earn money by farming, fishing, or by asking people in the mushroom village. Then exchange what you harvest for money, and use this money to buy necessary items.

In addition, Tsuki also needs money to interact with the outside world. In the Mushroom village, each creature will be an interesting piece to create a colorful picture of Tsuki’s adventures. And the people here will have a lot of information about the main source of items and ways to earn money. Therefore, you need to chat interactively or transact with them to know this information.

To make money by farming, you first need to have land. Next, you will have to choose the plant variety, plant, water and fertilize every day. From there, you will have a source of agricultural products to sell and earn money to build. Money in the game is calculated in carrots. In addition, to earn more money and at the same time relax, you can experience fishing.

By going to the riverbank around the village, you can catch a lot of fish and then exchange it for money. You can refer to fishing locations in the mushroom village such as: Uncle Dawn’s fishing beach, Moca’s turtle house or Rosemary’s fishing ground. However, initially the player can only fish around the Moca turtle house. The longer you play, the other new fishing grounds appear later.

The attraction from pets

Our main character in this game is Tsuki. This is a very cute bunny. However, you can transform it into any pet you like from the beginning. Choose an animal you like to be able to accompany you on every road. The ultimate aim of this adventure is to explore the Mushroom village as well as complete your house.

Tsuki’s Odyssey MOD APK (Unlimited Carrots)

The game also has a very interesting situation but also becomes more difficult for the player. Our character is so playful that he doesn’t look after the house. After returning home once, he discovered that his house suddenly lost all furniture. Therefore, in addition to making money, you need to work with your character to find the thief who took your things.

To help you find this thief, the villagers will give you hints from the little stories. Listen and analyze to find out who the thief is. However, the best solution is to be gentle. Because this theft does not have bad intentions, but this is just an excuse for Tsuki’s Odyssey to start.

Raising pets in the game Tsuki’s Odyssey

Coming to Tsuki’s Odyssey, the job of raising a pet will be easier than ever. You won’t have to be a hard worker. You just choose everything and let Tsuki do the work. Our animal will be happy, and perform all tasks all day according to the schedule that you have planned. However, you also need interactions to make things faster. But in general, Tsuki is not a difficult and demanding pet.

It can be said that this is not just a game, but it is also a place for children to learn. From simple things like arranging things in the house, to farmers’ jobs like planting crops, or experiencing interesting fishing. In addition, the game also helps players learn how to plan a certain job.

Tsuki’s Odyssey MOD APK (Unlimited Carrots)

What’s interesting about Tsuki’s Odyssey mod apk version?

The most interesting feature of Tsuki’s Odyssey mod apk version is infinite carrots. And this may also be what you need most when experiencing this game.

Download Tsuki’s Odyssey mod apk for Android

Tsuki’s Odyssey was created not to make it difficult for players, but to help you relax and immerse yourself in the game’s creativity. Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing game with cute and lovely elements, this is the best choice for you.

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