Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game MOD APK 1.5.1 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 02:06 - 19/06/2023
Version 1.5.1
Publisher Pikpok
Size 234M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 5.0

Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game is a very attractive and fun game for Android. The game has characters with unique shapes, and simple and idle gameplay. However, it still has many factors that help attract players. If you are a lover of fun 2D graphics games, you definitely cannot ignore this game. Let’s Apkdroid explore the interesting and fascinating things in Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game.

Viking Gods MOD APK

About Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game

Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game is a game for Android with fun gameplay that takes players to the Thor universe, a world of fascinating myths. Although it was just released not long ago by the game publisher PikPok, Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game has received much positive feedback from players because of its fun.

Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game is like other products of PikPok like Into the Dead, Flick Kick… The common point of the products from this publisher is that they all have fun and addictive gameplay. Therefore, the game products of this publisher are always well-received by players.

Viking Gods Background – Idle Tap Game

Although it is a simple game from graphics to gameplay, Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game still has an attractive story context. The story is set in the endless Ragnarok, where players will team up with the goddess Freya in search of the sacred relic stolen by Loki. And your exciting journey will begin, traverse many different worlds to fix everything that Loki has done. Let’s restore glory to the 9 realms, can you complete these quests?

Started fighting

The battle begins when you have to pass the assigned tasks. After each mission, you will see something that will surprise you. Battles are turn-based, take on anyone who stands in your way. After each win, continue your journey and earn even more coins. With the money earned, you can use it to buy equipment as well as upgrade and improve many things.

Viking Gods MOD APK

Along with that, you also need to build your own defense by unlocking rooms to create iron. Upgrade your rooms to increase production and rise through the halls of the gods. Actively engage in combat in Ragnarok to reset progress, increase productivity, and conquer faster.

Collect legendary champions, and choose to defend your room from the invasion of mythical enemies. Win XP to upgrade your champions and optimize their stats to make them stronger. Defeat the strongest bosses to cross the Bifrost bridge and expand across the nine worlds.

Graphics and sound

Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game is created on a cartoon-style 2D graphics platform. The use of deep and gentle tone colors creates a cool and fun atmosphere for players. Immerse yourself in the fictional world where outer space is full of interesting things. Surely you will have great entertainment moments with this game.

Along with that, the game’s background music is also attractive, and the sound effects during the battle will surely satisfy you both in terms of hearing and vision with this fun game.

Features of Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game

  • The game context is taken from Norse mythological legends.
  • With AFK mechanics, players can earn even when in offline mode.
  • Unlock and upgrade rooms to make lots of coins.
  • Log in daily for instant rewards and over 40 missions.
  • Acquire legendary characters to help you defend your kingdom against your enemies.
  • The game has a vertical screen interface with many uniquely shaped characters.
  • Diverse character system, each character has its own skills.

Viking Gods MOD APK

What’s interesting about Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game mod version?

Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game is a completely free download game for Android devices. However, to help players get a more perfect experience, we would like to send you Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game mod apk version with special features such as:

  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP Unlock
  • Immortal
  • Unlock Menu

Download Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game mod apk for Android

It can be said that Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game is a game with a 2D graphics platform, fun character creation, and simple gameplay. Along with that, the game has unlimited money-unlocking features, God Mode… So don’t hesitate any longer, download Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game right away and experience it.

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