Wizard Legend: Fighting Master MOD APK 2.5.2 (Free Shopping)

Updated 12:08 - 11/08/2022
Package wizardlegend.fightmaster
Version 2.5.2
Publisher Loongcheer Game
Size 90M
Features Free Shopping
Require Android 4.1

Wizard Legend is an amazing action game platform with beautiful action sequences. However, it does not use as many fighting elements as other action games. It can be said that this game has done a miracle when successfully beating every game of its kind, and rising to the top of the worldwide game rankings. So what kind of game is Wizard Legend: Fighting? Let’s with Apkdroid find out through the article below.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master (Early Access)

Overview of Wizard Legend: Fighting

Wizard Legend: Fighting is a game that is listed as an action game, but it is not in the direction of violent action. Therefore, this game is very well received by many people because it is suitable for many different ages.
The special feature of this game is the fast-paced gameplay, so it requires players to be flexible with their eyes. It doesn’t have a lot of intense combat action, but instead, it has magical abilities at its core. In addition, the ability to attack with lightning speed makes the opponent unable to react.
The battles in the game mainly take place in vibrant, flexible, and extremely fast-paced dungeons. Equipping players with typical magical features gave the game an edge over its peers.
After being released, Wizard Legend: Fighting has received many positive reviews about the game content. Although it must be affirmed that a weak point of this game is the graphics, that still cannot overshadow this game. The proof is that this game has reached the top 2 on Steam after its release, with dizzyingly fast downloads and reviews from players. This further strengthens the position of Wizard Legend: Fighting on the market today.

Novel plot

In the Kingdom of Lanova, there is a mysterious and remote emirate that always hides strange things. Here, every year there will be a magic contest to honor the person who possesses the strongest ability.
You will transform into the people there, and join the battle with others to win the title of the strongest mage of all time. Because of that, what players notice most is magic and fascinating battles. Challenges will appear regularly for you to do with your own gameplay.
The ultimate goal is that you have to become a legendary mage, so you can win. Therefore, do all the task challenges that the system offers. Plus, collect more spells and use them wisely.
The game’s control system also allows you to use a combination of spells when fighting to increase damage. Attack the target quickly to make it impossible for them to react, so you will have more chances to win.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master (Early Access)

Rich magic system

Wizard Legend: Fighting has an extremely diverse magic store with hundreds of numbers. Because it is what makes the name of this game and attracts players to explore. Players can easily unlock each magic tile to increase their magic collection.
At the beginning of the game, all players will be equipped with the most basic spells. Therefore, if you want to be at the top of the rankings, you must collect other spells.
When defeating opponents, the system will record your achievements and give you gifts to unlock magic boxes. Therefore, the more opponents you destroy, the more new magic you will accumulate.
The features and uses of the magic shop will have different characteristics in terms of ability to damage opponents, kill speed, ability to use weapons… Therefore, if you want, you can use these combos to quickly destroy the obstacles in the way.

Internal game mode

Do you want to invite more friends or randomly connect with other players? In this game, the system will help you to be less lonely and bored with the interactive game mode with others.
You can accompany your friends into dungeons to slay monsters and together collect new spells to replenish the magic treasure trove. Or you can also invite your friends to play against each other if you want to play different game modes. With this new game mode, you will gain experience while fighting opponents. Let’s explore the rules and special features of this game together.


If magic is the pinnacle of this game, its graphics don’t score much. Graphics do not attract special attention from players, because the graphics platform is not flashy and the visual effects are not really great. In addition, the image and color of the game are also mediocre, it does not cause boredom but also does not bring special effects. It is quite satisfactory when the game’s interface page is connected to the user because it is quite simple and friendly. However, the creation of unexpectedly fast movements of the character has partly made an impression on this game.
In general, compared to other games on the market today, Wizard Legend: Fighting can only stand in the mid-range segment if only judging by the graphics. As the game market becomes more and more hectic, publishers should pay more attention to the graphics part.
Hopefully Wizard Legend: Fighting will make you disappointed when you are wondering about choosing a game to relax. This game application is the top trending game in the world, so it will definitely make players happy. Therefore, do not hesitate anymore, let’s download the Wizard Legend: Fighting game platform to your device and enjoy it right now.

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