ZEPETO MOD APK 3.25.100 (Free Rewards)

Updated 10:04 - 08/04/2023
Package me.zepeto.main
Version 3.25.100
Publisher Naver Z Corporation
Size 245M
Features Free Rewards
Require Android 6.0

If you are feeling bored, you want to have fun and express your creativity, ZEPETO is where you need to be. ZEPETO will take away your boredom and make you happier. Just open your phone, download ZEPETO and experience it, you will surely fall in love with it at first sight.

Immerse yourself in this virtual world with loads of fun along the way. In addition, you can also dress up as other characters to take pictures, chat and have fun in this virtual world. Now let’s APKDROID learn about ZEPETO.



Do you want to immerse yourself in a virtual world, where you can stroll the streets with a cute character that looks exactly like you? Or are you looking for an application that can create a 3D character from your images and faces? If these are your needs, download ZEPETO right now because it is just for you.

ZEPETO – Extremely attractive 3D modeling application

You want to turn an image into a 3D shape, very simple. Just open up ZEPETO and upload your image here, and you can start editing. ZEPETO will help you turn your photos into impressive and lovely 3D animated images. It will rely on your face previously inserted to simulate the 3D image. With this new image, you can use it as a character to play in ZEPETO, or you can also use it as emojis when talking to your friends. This is definitely a way to impress and make the conversation more interesting.

With ZEPETO, your 3D character will be created in no time. And once the character has been created, you can still edit it by adjusting the hairstyle, hair color, outfit, accessories, expressions, face… You can create a character that looks exactly like you but in a satirical way to make it more fun. Surely this will be a very interesting emoticon to chat with.

In general, we can see that ZEPETO’s 3D animation feature is very vivid. In addition, the graphics are beautiful, flexible, and moving smoothly. There are a variety of customizations with fun and funny colors. The implementation of converting images from facial contours to 3D is very good, at a glance you can see your contours right away.


But it will seem more innocent than in real life, you will definitely have to laugh when you see this image. However, this is just one of the interesting things that ZEPETO can bring to users, we will continue to find out the next interesting things below.

What can ZEPETO bring?

With the character creation part, we can consider this as an application. However, we still haven’t explored the game part.

With the 3S cartoon character we just created above, while they are bouncing around on the screen, you can explore places and interact with the objects and people that appear on your screen. The place where you live is a bustling city. The first task you need to perform is to set up the room as well as your house. You need to choose the furniture, decorate the interior, and arrange everything according to your liking as well as your style.

Once you’ve done this, you can also take a selfie to post on social media and show off to your friends. ZEPETO has a very convenient photo and video capture feature.

In addition, when traveling in the city, you can use the rope swing, drive a car, or sit down on a chair to breathe in the fresh air. Do whatever you like because no one will charge you.

And a great feature of ZEPETO is that you can make friends with people you like. Connect with the people you meet on the street. Here, you can text, talk, date, or take selfies with each other, eat and drink together, and perform mini-games to make the relationship more interesting.

And if you don’t like talking to strangers, you can invite your friends in to play together like real friends. This is a great experience of this game. It is very authentic and helps you to have more relationships.


Together explore the world in ZEPETO

Real life in ZEPETO can keep you busy, but you can still explore everything and do the things you enjoy with your friends. This is a colorful and bustling world full of interesting things. It can be empty platforms, moving vehicles, or roads full of trees. All this and much more await you at ZEPETO.

ZEPETO mod apk version

ZEPETO mod version can help you get rewards without seeing ads.


Through this article, you may be wondering if ZEPETO is a game, application, or social network. In fact, this application is the perfect combination of the three above. You will be living in a 3D character to do the things you like and make friends and interact with each other. It’s so great, isn’t it? If you love it, let’s download ZEPETO and experience it right away.

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